EMF Pulse, Mind Control??? Strange pulsating hum coming from everywhere

BEST HEARD WITH EAR PHONES… I have no idea what this is, and I have been hearing it constantly for sometime, and thought it was something in my apartment, until tonight when I had my window open it was really loud outside. I have never been able to record it before tonight. I recorded it outside, but I still have no answers since it seems to be coming from everywhere, and is damn annoying. Lately I have been having migrains continually, and I suffer tinnitus. But now I have this pulse to contend with. Any ideas what it might be??? Peace

  • We’ve heard this sound in Ontario….scary…

  • sanluisskywatch

    I hear it here in San Luis Obispo, CA too.

  • I heard this 24/7 in pittsville Wisconsin

  • Try putting swimming plugs in both ears and stay totally still in a quiet place. Because like U I experienced the same constantly hearing what I thought was my neighbors subwoofer.It was constant so finally after knocking at his door and getting no answer no response I just said screw it and put my plugs in my ears. And couldn’t believe it was coming from my ears. Its a low humming Tinnitus one of many. Now its been over 2 years of hell 24 hours a day, mine comes from TMJ..

  • I’ve heard this as well.

  • I have heard this where I live in Chicopee Ma. I called the power company to see if it had something to do with the transformer across the street from me. They said their equipment does not make noises in the manner that I described. And the transformer looked alright. They sent out some inspector to see if something was wrong with it. I have no idea what they found. The several times this has occurred over the week I lose service on my cell phone.

  • Sometimes things that use electricity have their own fusebox or transformer, older ones especially, I suggest you look around to see if there are any older appliances around, or ask your neighbors, if they don’t know, ask your landlord.

  • Radiation, Transformer, or a really old AC unit. Live near a transformer or a power substation? Or how about a river or port with ship traffic? If you live near a busy river, it may be the engine or LFR radiation.

  • ELF – Extremely Low Frequency radio, used by the US Navy to communicate with submarines. “The Hum” has been reported since 1989, and it was around this time that the Navy started using ELF radio. At least this is what seems to be the common theory on the noise. I don’t think it’s ever been absolutely “proven,” but it sounds plausable imho.

  • Sounds like your close to something that’s admitting a large amount of Electrical Frequency or an Electrical Magnetic field.
    That will cause head aches and nausea .
    Are there any transformers on any poles near you? Or a ground transformer? Judging on where you live….usually on poles can also cause tendanitus In the eardrums. Let me know if there’s any transformers near by…

  • crystaltears111

    this sounds awful , can’t bear listening to it, started to make me feel sick after 1 minute, low frequency for sure, the pulse could be binaural.

  • NewStarConstellation

    Sounds like a refrigerator which is a bit older (about 15 of 20 years… maybe 10 if running constantly). You have any butcher or firm with cooling engines (food, chemical) around you? Neighbours refrigerator on the other side of your wall?

    What’s with your or your neighbours air condition? Maybe some of them in your house “transmitts” its working sounds through the wall.

  • I heard that tonight and it was way louder outside

  • MrSweettooth317

    earth vibrations? changes, we are headed ot new era

  • Have you seen the film “They Live”? Worth watching. This is indeed a most parculiar noise. It’s almost like a reptitive signal every two seconds. I’d like to know if it’s in only towns and cities or is it in the countryside as well? This is acutally unpleasant.

  • This is WIFI and Cell Phone Networks, only other suggestion is Harrp, see sound samples online of various RF Meters that produce sound readings of the signals they pick up

  • electric substations put off a lot of humming noise out of the transformers. Sometimes pole mounted ones can. any substations in the area by any chance? They usually keep a pretty steady noise. a parabolic dish or shotgun microphone can help pinpoint the direction

  • I never said anything about haarp, when did I say anything about Haarp being the cause? Never said that. you see until you experience this phenomenon which I experience ever day of my god dam life, then perhaps you will have some understanding, until then, you believe what your little dumbed down main stream media loving mind tells you,

  • @hugestomper I know all about Electricity thank you very much, and I know what an Electrical sub station hum sounds like.

  • @hugestomper The hum I hear/feel at night, is definatly NOT Hydro Electric, and it’s not cell phone towers.

  • @hugestomper That hum you hear when your at a sub station, that’s 60Hz. that hum I feel/sense,is a lot lower then 120Hz.

  • @hugestomper Proof? explain how you so quickly come to this conclusion., listen to the audio carefully, the pitch had to be raised to make the hum more audible for youtube. I hear this to, but it’s well below 60Hz. I know what 60Hz sounds like, this is no 60Hz.

  • TheRealDj2quick

    what i hear sounds like resonance from two things resonating/vibrating at close to the same frequencies, they are slightly off, causing the waves to cancel out periodically producing the pulsing effect. as to what this is coming from, however, i have no idea, maybe mechanical (fans/motors/turbines) or electromagnetic (sound, vibrations, etc.)

  • MiKikaIwaShizaru

    I have tried to record it too, but the recording just doesn’t do justice to the miserable sound. I want to give a BIG thanks to the FCC, because they obviously didn’t force t-mobile and whoever else to TEST (for human sensitivity) whatever it is they are transmitting. I am CERTAIN (at least in my case) that it is ABSOLUTELY CELL towers causing this absolutely miserable painful sound that sometime goes days and nights. If they are testing a new torture device (HAARP?) then they are succeeding.

  • MiKikaIwaShizaru

    @Spiritflier07, that’s how my problem in Florida started, a strange vibration jolting me awake in late July 2008, I thought it was a factory, it wasn’t, the vibration evolved into sounds and vibration, I am 100% positive the sound is coming from CELL TOWERS, I have been up close to them, the weird low frequency sound is coming from the top of the towers!! Read my other comments on this video!

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